Companies in the oil and gas industries operate in environments that carry inescapable hazards. Oil and gas extraction involves large, powerful machinery often operating in inaccessible areas such assubterranean mines or deep-water sites. The sound levels in these environments commonly require the use of hearing protection, and the air may fill with combustible fumes or dust. This combination of hazards requires specialized technology for workers to perform safely. One such technology is the hand-held tablet. 

Tablets provide low-cost computing power that’s light enough to be carried in the field by any worker. The versatility of tablet systems allows a wider array of work to be done on the fly, and provides a secondary channel of communications on the ground. They can be used with cloud services to protect against data loss, and while it’s true they can be damaged, so can the technology that they are replacing— which often consists of pen and paper.

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Today’s society is comprised of a generation obsessed with productivity. Taking one look at any given city street can quickly reveal to anyone that 21st century individuals are always “doing something.” For instance, an individual can walk from his or her favorite restaurant back to work while simultaneously sending emails right in the palm of his or her hand. This is a generation of multi-tasking and “getting things done,” so it is easy to understand why the emphasis in the work force is placed on effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency. One of the primary goals of any level headed employer can be summed up in a simple question: how can this work load be completed with greater efficiency and increased automation? As most people in the business world know, the answer is equally simple. Communication is the key to workplace productivity and efficiency - especially within industrial environments. Those who are interested in learning more about the importance of communication within the scope of industrial environments may benefit from reading the information below.

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As I sit down and talk with end users and partners about their high noise communication needs, it is clear the way workers communicate in industrial environments is undergoing rapid change.

The proliferation of digital communication devices now available in these environments has grown dramatically and it’s opening up new options for industrial companies to improve their communication strategies.

Communication is all about enhanced productivity and many of these devices offer not only improvements in the way workers communicate but how they communicate.

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