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Sensear’s global team achieves our mission: Hear Speech and Stay Protected. We are seeking dedicated individuals motivated to build on our industry-leading track record in communication, safety, and eliminating industrial hearing loss.

Sensear is Redefining Hearing Protection in High-Noise Environments

Sensear manufactures and distributes world-class hearing protection industrial communication headsets(over-the-ear and in-the-ear). We help safety and compliance officers around the world respond to today’s harsh industrial environments by safeguarding their workers and solving high-noise communication challenges.

Sensear's mission is to eliminate industrial hearing loss and improve industrial safety by enhancing communication in high-noise environments.

Hear the Difference - Sensear Leads by Innovation.

About Sensear

Sensear is a global leader in developing and manufacturing best-in-class digital over-the-ear and in-the-ear headsets for use with two-way radio and Bluetooth® communication devices.

Founded in 2006, Sensear was born out of industry demand. Local mining companies turned to Sensear to fill a void by designing and manufacturing a rugged, reliable headset with noise-canceling features to protect miners’ hearing while enhancing their wireless communications.

With continuous product innovation, Sensear's patented SENS® Technology simultaneously enhances speech and suppresses background noise so users can communicate, protect their hearing, and still maintain 360° situational awareness of their surroundings in noisy environments.

Amanda Miller, CEO

Amanda Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda is an enthusiastic leader who brings a wealth of experience from outside the industry to Sensear. She has proven success as a strategic business development professional, with a track record of success in global sales. Her ability to drive high-growth impact makes her an ideal leader for Sensear.

Amanda's passion for providing better hearing protection in industrial environments stems from her personal experiences. She understands firsthand the critical role that certified hearing protection devices can play in improving employee safety and productivity.

With her expertise in operational and product management, as well as her passion for sales and marketing, Amanda consistently shines in her interactions with employees, distributors, and customers.

Marek Cieslakiewicz, CFO

Marek Cieslakiewicz

Chief Financial Officer

Marek Cieslakiewicz is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and brings strong financial management background. With his deep knowledge and experience in accounting and operations, Marek brings valuable expertise to the company's financial and production operations.

As a Chartered Accountant, Marek has undergone rigorous professional training and attained high level of accreditation in the field. He possesses a strong understanding of financial principles, regulations, and best practices, which he utilizes to ensure accurate and efficient financial management at Sensear.

Marek's attention to detail and meticulous approach makes him an invaluable asset which the company benefits from. He consistently maintains the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in all financial processes, including accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. With his expertise, Marek plays a vital role in ensuring the fiscal health of the organization.

Noly Espardinez, Production Technician & Quality

Noly Espardinez

Production Technician & Quality

Noly is a highly skilled Production Technician specializing in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining electronic systems and boards. He is responsible for tasks such as coordinating with field engineers, managing inventory, and upholding quality standards. Currently, he plays a vital role in training production staff, assisting the Production Manager with workflow tasks, managing new product introductions, handling repairs and production failures, maintaining test equipment, and collaborating with the design team to develop and contribute to continuous improvement initiatives.
Noly's expertise in production optimization, quality control, and technical problem-solving, coupled with his unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional quality and maximizing efficiency, positions him as an invaluable asset in fast-paced manufacturing environments.

Nate Holmer, Marketing Manager

Nate Holmer

Marketing Manager

As the marketing manager for Sensear, Nate brings over ten years of experience in B2B digital marketing and sales, specializing in content marketing. Nate's background in the manufacturing and industrial sectors equips him with a deep understanding of the "buyer persona" and the unique safety challenges end-users face in industrial environments.  
His commitment to end-user awareness and education on work-related hearing loss illustrates his passion for hearing conservation. His personal motivation for solutions to reduce occupational hearing loss makes him the perfect fit to drive user awareness of Sensear's advancements and comprehensive employee safety benefits.

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