Solving High Noise Communication Problems in Shipyards

The importance of hearing protection in the shipping industry is no different than aviation and railway industries. Since the fading of the era of sail vessels, the shipping industry has added ever-increasing cargo loads, and developed engines with the power – and accompanying noise – to transverse the oceans. As modern ships, advances in technology now limit the areas where noise exceeds the 85 dB danger threshold, but no one has yet been able to completely eliminate the high levels of background noise on a large ship. The areas near the engine room often suffer some dangerous noise volume.

Importance of Hearing Protection for Workers in the Shipping Industry

The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires shipping industry employers to provide hearing protection to their employees when noise exposure equals or exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of 85 dBA or more. Providing proper hearing protection for shipping employees can sound challenging when the facility has strict health and safety requirements, but it’s important to implement effective shipping noise reduction and hearing protection measures when needed.

NorCE Australis ship

It's a critical requirement to communicate with colleagues for the ship crew. Traditional hearing protection restricts workers, ability to communicate.

Sensear’s range of Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth® Headsets and Earplugs with groundbreaking SENS® (high noise communication) Technology elevates speech and suppresses dangerous background noise so workers can hear speech and stay protected in high noise areas.

Workers can have seamless face-to-face conversations with workers in the work area without screaming and can communicate clearly via face-to-face, two-way radio, or on their Bluetooth-enabled devices, all while protecting their hearing. Sensear is the perfect solution for workers in the Shipping Industry.

Sensear is solving high noise communication problems for many of the world’s leading Transportation companies, see our case study on the NorCE Offshore Operation.

Selecting the Right Shipping Headset for Hearing Protection and Communication

The shipping industry is noisy. Let Sensear help you find the right hearing protection solution to protect workers’ hearing and safety. Use our interactive headset selector tool or request our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about our innovative SENS technology and hearing protection devices.