Sensear Headsets and smartPlugs™:

SM and SP Series Datasheet: (Complete Product Portfolio Line Card)


Smart Earplugs:

SP1R Series Datasheet: Powered by Radio available in standard or IS Intrinsically Safe

smartPlug™ Series Datasheet: Full Featured, with Short-Range and Bluetooth®


Smart Headsets:

SM1R Series Datasheet: Light Headset Powered by Radio, (Two-Way Radio Compatible with SENS®) and IS versions

SM1B Series Datasheet: Sensear's Two-Way Radio Compatible Headset with SENS® and IS versions available

smartMuff Series Datasheet: Speech Enhancement Noise Suppression Smart Earmuff for Recreational Use

SM1P Series Datasheet: Full-featured, with Short-Range and Bluetooth® 3.0 features and IS versions available

SM1P-ISDP Series Datasheet: Full-featured Hazardous Location IS and Extreme Noise Headsets

SM1P-Ex Series Datasheet: Full-featured, with Short-Range and Bluetooth® 3.0 features and Ex versions

SM1P-ExDP Series Datasheet: Full-featured Hazardous Location Ex and Extreme Noise Headsets


Smart Headsets for Tours and Training:

SmartGroup Series DatasheetSensear's Unique Solution for High-Noise Tour Groups and Training


Value Series Headsets

VM1R Series Datasheet: Light Headset Powered by Radio, (Two-Way Radio Compatible)


Charge Racks

Sensear Charge Racks Datasheet: Convenient charging solutions for small to large-scale operations




SMBM0002 - Intrinsically Safe Throat Mic Datasheet: A microphone that senses and translates throat vibrations into acoustic signals for transmission through the headset