Revolutionizing Construction Safety: Innovations in Hearing Protection Technology

Communication on active construction sites is crucial, but with traditional methods of hearing protection, it's difficult to do without sacrificing the safety of our ears. Staff and client safety is the top priority at CDM Smith, and through their R&D program, their construction management group has diligently tested and researched different methods to improve the work they're able to do.

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Safety That Speaks Volumes

High-noise environments can be dangerous to both workers and their companies. The numbers speak volumes - 30 million U.S. workers are exposed to noise levels high enough to cause irreversible hearing loss. What is hearing protection worth to your business? To your employees? Occupational hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses, costing an estimated $242 million annually in U.S. workers' compensation.

How Sensear's SENS Technology is leading communication in noisy work environments

Hearing in noisy workplaces can be compromised, putting the safety and communication of your workplace at risk. See how advanced SENS® Technology impacts workplaces like yours with effective communication solutions.

Workplace Safety during the Corona Virus Outbreak

During this pandemic time, Sensear is working hard to uphold the commitment to support the businesses. We are very focused on protecting your workers’ hearing and enabling the ability to have clear communication, all while maintaining the 6-foot social distance.

Short-Range Communication

Sensear Headsets provide noise suppression, speech enhancement, and situational awareness, and allow workers to communicate from headset to headset up to 100 feet apart. This makes the SM1P series the perfect hearing communication solution for keeping a social distance in high-noise environments.

Sensear Reviews and Testimonials

Watch how Sensear's customers react to using our high-noise communication headsets in their environments.

Food Processing Plant

Watch Sensear's two-way radio headset enables clear communication in a noisy food manufacturing environment.

Storm Drain Maintenance

Watch how Sensear is perfect for workgroups wanting to communicate headset-to-headset in noisy hostile environments.

Plant Tour

Watch Sensear's SmartGroup headset being used in a plant tour. Plant tour leaders can continue to communicate with workers taking the tour by using the SmartGroup headset's built-in short-range radio.

Mining Operation

Watch Sensear's hearing protection being used by miners in copper ore grinding operations. SENS® Technology enables workers to communicate in noisy environments while still protecting their hearing at the same time.

Tree Surgeon

Watch Sensear's electronic hearing protection being used by a tree surgeon. Workers can communicate using the electronic hearing protection's Bluetooth capability while protecting their hearing at the same time.

Hockey Australia

The coaches and analysts of Hockey Australia use Sensear to effectively communicate with one another at major sporting events.

Distributor Spotlight IPP, Australia

Industrial Protective Products in Western Australia explains the benefits Sensear brings to its business and the potential for growth within the oil and gas and mining markets.

Distributor Spotlight SPE, Brazil

Sensear is proud to go to market through some of the world's leading Safety Distributors. In Brazil, Sensear has developed a strong relationship with SP Equipmentos, Brazil's leading Safety Distributor to address the high noise communication problems of many of their customers.

Road Resurfacing Case Study

Without Sensear's built-in short-range FM radio functionality and a throat microphone attachment, these paving company workers would take far longer to do their jobs and would struggle to communicate effectively in this highly dangerous and noisy environment.

Tree Servicing Industry Case Study

Communicating effectively and staying protected in high-noise environments can be problematic. RKD Tree Service is a typical example of how high noise affects productivity and worker safety and how Sensear is solving this common problem.

HVAC Maintenance

Workers performing maintenance procedures on a bank's HVAC system won't miss important cell phone calls and can continue to communicate uninterrupted using Sensear's Bluetooth® communication capability. SENS® Technology enables communication via cell phone even in a high-noise environment.

Coal Fired Power Plant

Workers are staying protected while continuing to communicate effectively in a noisy coal-fired power plant by integrating Sensear into their existing two-way radio system.

Aviation: On The Ramp

Airline employees needed to be able to safely and effectively communicate while on the tarmac. Now with Sensear's innovative SENS® (speech enhancement, noise suppression) Technology, they can hear speech and stay protected.

Airboat Rescue

This crew required the ability to communicate clearly and effectively while on an airboat. Sensear's SENS® Technology provided them with the solution.

Dairy Engine Room

Employees working in high-noise environments of more than 96 dB(A) can still communicate effectively in a dairy engine room using Sensear's short-range radio functionality.

Fire Boat Rescue

This fire rescue crew needed to be able to communicate at noise levels above 98 dB(A). Sensear allowed the fire rescue crew to hear speech and stay protected with its innovative SENS® Technology.

Food Manufacturing

High-noise food manufacturing employees needed to be able to clearly and safely communicate via Two-way radios. With Sensear's innovative SENS® (speech enhancement, noise suppression) Technology, now they can.

Industrial Training

Trying to teach young graduates in a high-noise environment was not only difficult but incredibly inefficient. With Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology, students and instructors can now hear speech and stay protected in high-noise learning environments.

Tunnel Construction

Safely and effectively communicating on construction job sites with noise levels above 102 dB(A) was impossible. Now with Sensear's innovative SENS® (speech enhancement, noise suppression) Technology, they can hear speech and stay protected.

Barge Engine Room

For these barge workers, it was difficult to communicate effectively in an engine room reaching 100 dB(A). Sensear's SENS® Technology allowed these barge workers to communicate clearly and maintain 360° situational awareness in a high-noise environment.

Snow Blower

It was difficult to communicate and maintain safety in high-noise environments. Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology allows workers in high-noise environments to communicate clearly and effectively while maintaining situational awareness.

Oil Rig Engine Room

Workers can continue to communicate effectively in environments where intrinsically safe hearing protection is required with Sensear's hazardous location headsets.

Hospital Boiler Room

Sensear provides workers with the means to communicate safely and effectively in a hospital boiler room. By connecting a throat microphone and two-way radio to the Sensear Smart Earmuff, work can continue safely and uninterrupted in a high-noise environment.

Worker with Hearing Aid

Sensear provides a viable hearing protection solution for workers with hearing loss. Workers operating a maintenance vehicle can continue to carry out tasks efficiently and safely in high-noise environments through Sensear's speech enhancement and noise reduction technology.

Sensear enabling communication in Developent Of World's Fastest Car

A car attempting to break the land speed record creates the world's loudest man-made noise and Sensear's headsets were used for communication.