What our customers are saying


Oil and Gas Industry


Sensear solves a wide range of communication problems across the Oil and Gas industry This case study highlights a number of real world Oil and Gas applications.



Oil and Gas

Wireless Bluetooth Two-way Radio Communication

Sensear was asked to customize a solution that both maximized the customer’s investment in its Motorola IDEN Bluetooth® IS Radios and would meet the requirements for double protection.



Hydraulic Fracturing Industry


"From a safety perspective we’re just happy to be able to align hearing protection with communication, and have them work effectively."

Hydraulic fracturing professional



Data Center Industry


The "swoosh" of the fans and coolers can be very annoying and stressful. Sensear allows us to communicate clearly and stay protected within our Data Center environment.

Data Center Management



Mining Operations


Sensear solves a wide range of communication problems across a mining operation. This case study highlights a number of real world mining applications.



Heavy Equipment Operators

Open Pit Mines

Sensear enhances safety by providing drivers with better situational awareness both inside and outside the heavy equipment. This results in improved productivity and enhanced worker safety.



Mining Industry

St Ives Gold Mine

The main motivation behind using Sensear initially was the ability to provide speech enhancement allowing for communication in noisy environments while providing protection from noise, especially for persons suffering from a hearing loss. The benefits for using this technology with persons suffering from hearing loss were to reduce their frustration with communication issues and feelings of isolation. Since then many other areas have been identified which would benefit from the use of Sensear.

Kylie Hooker - Occupational Hygienist - Gold Fields - St Ives Gold Mine



Vibration Analysts

Rio Tinto, Australia

Sensear has lived up to my expectations 100%. Many thanks to your team for a wonderful product and support.

Asset Management Department



Solid Waste Industry

Montgomery County

The results were “remarkable” according to the key contact at the customer site. The Sensear headsets: minimized errors, Improved efficiency, Improved morale, Improved overall safety, were well received by workers




Australian Antarctic Division, Antarctica

The AAD is a very pro active safety orientated organisation and hearing protection is just one of a number of our most critical safety considerations in everything we do. So we looked at what the major aviation industry players were using and found that Sensear had an OHS compliant product we considered worth investigating and discovered that the ability to trial the Sensear units before investing in equipment that might potentially be unsuitable to our requirements was available and appealed to us.

Micky Loedeman Ground Support Supervisor - Aviation -Australian Antarctic Division Dept. of Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts



Aviation Industry

Executive Flight Centre

I needed both effective hearing protection and the ability to communicate with people out on the ramp face to face and also the ability to communicate on two way radios effectively. On top of that, we also have a requirement to talk on our cell phones.

Mike Demers – Executive Flight Centre - Canada



Law Enforcement

San Diego Police Department

The police officers considered that the Sensear device provided as close to a normal situation as one could expect in high noise situations with the added benefit of situational awareness that ensured their safety and their ability to do their job and communicate more effectively.

Lieutenant Andrew Hoffman, San Diego Police Department, Special Events Division



Shipping Industry

Norce Offshore

Worker fatigue due to long term continuous noise exposure has been overcome while maintaining full communication capability. Engineers can now communicate when in extreme noise areas, such as the engine room.

Vic Hall, Norce Offshore Managing Director



Railway Industry

Queensland Rail

It works quite simply - we can hook up a two way radio, keep communicating, keep listening to the different noises from the TMR which is the key indicator for when something is going wrong, and at the end of the day feel confident that we have provided great hearing protection, clear communication and situational awareness.

Nick Wheatley, Dorrien Designs (Track Maintenance Consultants) for Queensland Rail