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The global corona-virus outbreak has created an increasing number of challenges to individuals, communities, companies, and manufacturing facilities.

During this pandemic time, Sensear is working hard to uphold the commitments to support the businesses. We are very focused on protecting your workers’ hearing and enabling the ability to have clear headset-to-headset communication, all while maintaining the 6 feet social distance.

With about 15 years of expertise in the hearing protection and communication solution industry, we are here to help you adjust to Covid-19 and its challenges.

Sensear's Communication Solutions10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What type of hearing protection solutions are available?
    • In-Ear smartPlug™
    • Over-the-Ear Headset
2. Do earplugs and headsets connect to a 2-way Radio?
3. Do the headsets/earplugs have a wired connection to a two-way radio?
    • Wired Connection – Sensear’s smartPlugR, smartPlug™ (Basic), SM1R Series Headsets, and SM1B Series Headsets connect to two-way radios via a wired connection
    • Wireless - Sensear’s smartPlug™ (Full) and SM1P Series Headsets connect to two-way radios via removable wired connection or Bluetooth®
4. Are the Headsets/earplugs powered by the radio or via an internal battery in the headset?
    • Radio-Powered - Sensear’s SmartplugR and SM1R Series Headsets use power from a 2-way radio battery.
    • Battery-Powered - Sensear’s Smartplug (Full and Basic), SM1B Series Headsets and SM1P Series Headsets connect to two-way radios via removable wired connection or Bluetooth®
5. Do the headsets/earplugs have Bluetooth® capability?
    • Yes, Sensear’s smartPlug™ (Full) and SM1P Series Headsets connect to two-way radios via Bluetooth® via a removable wired connection. Bluetooth® module allows the streaming of audio to the headset, a valuable feature for users that listen to music during long work shifts in high-noise environments.
6. Do the headsets support headset-to-headset communication?
    • Yes, Sensear Headsets provide noise suppression, speech enhancement, situational awareness, and allow workers to communicate from headset to headset up to 150 feet apart making the SM1P series headsets, the perfect communication solution for maintaining a social distance in high noise environments.

      Sensear is trusted as a communication solution by many of the world’s leading companies encouraging social distancing.

      Food Processing Industry - Company Logos Paper and Packaging Industry
7. Does Sensear have headsets for communicating on Tours and/or Training in high noise environments?
    • Yes, Sensear’s SmartGroup products are an industry-leading solution for companies that carry out facility, factory, and plant tours and training in noisy environments. SmartGroup is available in two different configurations: 1x Teacher 5x Student; 1x Teacher 10x Student.

      Need a custom configuration?
      Click here to Contact Us and let us know your requirement. 
8. Are the earplugs and headsets certified for Intrinsic Safety?
    • IS (CSA, UL, TIA) – Sensear’s Intrinsically Safe IS version earplugs and headsets are (UL/CSA/TIA) certified
    • Ex (Atex/IECEx) - For explosive environments that require ATEX and IECEx certification, Sensear has Ex (Atex/IECEx) version of headsets
9. Is there a headset for extreme noise environments > 95dB?
    • Dual protection models are designed for working areas where exposures may exceed 95dB(A). The ear-plugs for the ISDP and ExDP Headsets are hard-wired to the headset allowing for dual protection.

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Please reach out to your Sensear representative for additional questions and concerns or click here to schedule a call.

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