Advantages of Investing in High-Quality Plant Tour Headsets

Date: May 14, 2014 | Category: Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The importance of hearing protection is of constant concern in environments of extreme noise exposure, which creates a challenge for those conducting and participating in plant tours. You’re proud of your plant, and you provide plant tours for many valuable business reasons. Communication is key during these tours because it is essential for the person taking the tour to be able to hear what you are saying to them; this ensures that listeners have the opportunity to make a well-informed decision about your company. However, many companies settle for either: a) reduced communication in the name of safety, or b) focus on communications with hearing safety being at risk. Sensear offers a revolutionary solution by implementing industry-leading technology so that both communication and safety are available in headset tour equipment.

The points below illustrate how Sensear equipment best satisfies the need for clear communication and hearing protection in tour headsets.

Advantage #1: Communicate Clearly

Varying degrees of background noise and vocal limitations often cause frustration and fatigue among facility tour participants. Using Speech Enhancement Noise Suppression (SENS®) technology, Sensear equipment enhances speech and subdues background noise. Avoid the inconveniences of shouting unintelligibly by taking advantage of Sensear’s unique innovations. Communicate with clarity, efficiency, and ease with face-to-face or short-range headset communication.

Advantage #2: Protect Hearing

Seeking hearing protection in a dangerously loud environment? Sensear experts know that hearing health is a priority and have developed technology that is specifically designed to protect the delicate inner mechanisms of the ear from harm. The inside of the inner ear is lined with very fine hairs. Overexposure to loud noise can destroy these hairs, causing individuals to experience a “ringing sensation” or causing an individual’s hearing to become “muffled.” Ultimately, the inner ear can become so damaged that complete hearing loss occurs. Sensear offers a unique noise reduction system utilizing SENS® Technology that allows speakers to be heard clearly by listeners. This ultimately protects against all varieties of noise types and thus provides a safe environment for your employees and tour participants.

Advantage #3: Eliminate Headset Limitations

A bulky, impractical headset is the last thing plant tour participants want to deal with. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and durable, lightweight design, Sensear devices provide solutions applicable in real-world circumstances. These headsets allow plant tour participants to move freely and are designed to let give safe plant tours in an unencumbered manner. Take advantage of unlimited communication opportunities while operating in your environment with ease by using practical and efficiently designed facility tour headsets.

Advantage #4: Avoid Needless Accidents

Safety being foremost, Sensear headsets also allow individuals to remain aware of alarms and hazards on the job. When tour participants are unable to hear warnings, alerts, or running machinery, they become vulnerable to injury. Lack of awareness in such a loud environment can be detrimental. Protect your employees and guests by providing appropriate hearing protection.

The above advantages are an excellent reminder of the importance of communicating clearly in noisy environments while simultaneously protecting users from harmful noise. Communication, an indispensable component of plant tours, does not have to suffer in the name of safety. The advantages of Sensear’s plant tour headsets afford you the opportunity to provide a more efficient and safe environment for tours of your plant operations. Promote your company’s efficiencies, technological advancements, and achievements through plant tours to partners, prospective employees, elected officials, school groups, and the like…in a safe manner — with Sensear.



Kim Wilcox

Kim Wilcox is a part of the Sensear team who shares insights on hearing and noise protection. With a background in hearing safety, he aims to inform and inspire readers.