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Giving a tour or even training in a high noise environment can be a challenge. Sure, you could use a megaphone, making yourself louder than the background noise, but that only elevates the noise level, and there is no guarantee everyone in your group will hear you. The solution: a Plant Tour Communication System.

One example of a Plant Tour Communication System has a transmitter with a microphone for the tour leader and several receivers for the members of the tour. The receiver is usually worn on the belt. The number of persons a group may contain is only limited by the number of receivers available and set to the same frequency as the transmitter. The noise level in the environment will determine which plant tour headset would be used in that situation. Each headset will then plug into the receiver so the wearer is able to hear what the tour leader is saying. With the introduction of digital technology, some systems of this type allow two tour guides to communicate at the same time.

sg1t_5s-box-web-300x230An all-in-one design plant tour headset is another option. The receivers are built into the headset, eliminating the need for the belt pack. With this hands-free option, the tour leader usually wears a headset with a built-in microphone that uses a short-wave radio transmitter, picked up by the receivers in the headsets. There is no limit to the number of headsets that can connect to the guide headset. This option is usually easy for the user to put on and set up, eliminating the need for assistance getting started. For the safety of the wearer, the headset should also provide hearing protection, yet still, allow the wearer to retain situational awareness.

The latest technology allows for full-duplex wireless communication. This system consists of a central base. The all-in-one headsets pick up the signal from the base. All users are able to talk at the same time. There is usually a limit to the number of devices that can be connected to one base. This option is newer and tends to be considerably more expensive than the other options. Because of the limited number of users, this more likely is an option for users who need to have the conferencing ability on the plant floor.

Benefits of Plant Tours and Training Group Headsets

A plant tour communication system can be a benefit in any factory tour or training situation. A listener who can hear what is being said is an engaged listener. An engaged listener will retain more of what is being learned. Your tour or training stands a much better chance of being a success.

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