Top Benefits of Digital Noise Cancelling Headsets

Date: November 14, 2019 | Category: Digital Communication Headsets

Top benefits of digital noise cancelling headsets (Hero Banner)-2Noise in the modern workplace is a well-known hazard with firm laws and guidelines in the United States, Australia, and many other countries throughout the world to ensure employees have some degree of protection.

However, simply using a pair of earmuffs or earplugs is not enough to ensure workers are adequately protected from the dangers that noise can inflict.

While it’s important to protect the ears from damage, it’s also vital that workers are able to communicate with each other. Without clear communication, accidents become more likely and productivity can suffer.

While noise reduction products like earmuffs and earplugs do typically protect your hearing, they also reduce all noise and therefore do not allow for easy communication. Some of these products may also be inadequate for truly protecting a worker’s hearing at the appropriate levels.

A far more effective option is to use modern digital noise-canceling headsets with advanced speech enhancement noise suppression technology, which simultaneously protects the wearer’s hearing to some of the highest standards while ensuring they can communicate clearly.

This headset technology brings a huge range of benefits that ensure workers in noisy environments can operate to their fullest capacity, confident that their hearing is being protected without compromising their situational awareness or their ability to communicate.

Multiple Methods of Communication

Modern digital noise-canceling headsets with advanced speech enhancement noise suppression technology combine noise protection with built-in microphones and multiple communication channels to allow for total communication.

With this technology in place, there are many ways for workers to contact each other, from face-to-face to with colleagues in the area to use a two-way radio for someone on the other side of the worksite. There are even short-range headset-to-headset and Bluetooth® cell phone methods available.

Sensear’s SM1P series headsets combine all of these communication headsets, together into one total communication headset.

  • Two-way radio headsets

  • Industrial Bluetooth® headsets

  • Face-to-face communication headsets

  • Built-in two-way radio headsets

  • Short-range radio headsets

Simultaneous Audio

Being aware of what’s happening in a noisy work environment can be a crucial advantage, especially when complex machinery or processes are in action.

Advanced Noise Suppression headsets can transmit and receive audio from multiple sources, so workers can have the full picture of what’s going on and never miss a thing.

Enhances Hearing

Because advanced noise suppression and noise-canceling headsets use high-quality internal audio components along with digital algorithms to separate and enhance speech, the audio they transmit to the wearer is crisp and clear.

This ensures even those who have suffered hearing loss and are wearing hearing aids can use them clearly while still being protected from workplace noise, thereby reducing the risk of further hearing loss.

Hear Speech Without ‘Clipping’

Some headsets are unable to maintain clear audio when a certain level of noise is detected, such as a loud bang.

This can cause an effect known as ‘clipping' where the transmission becomes garbled, with words missing or becoming interrupted.

Sensear advanced noise suppression headsets use digital noise suppression technology that continues to produce clear audio, smoothing out any loud sounds while ensuring no clipping occurs.

Sensear Protects and Enhances Communication

With so many advantages, selecting the right communication headset with the proper noise reduction rating is an important decision. Choose a headset that has it all: noise reduction up to 36dB NRR, Advanced noise suppression technology with speech enhancement for unmatched face-to-face communication and 360° situational awareness, and a noise-canceling boom mic for crystal clear communications.

Headsets fitted with Sensear’s revolutionary SENS® Technology will bring the highest level of hearing protection to your team while ensuring they can communicate with each other crisply, clearly, and without interruption.

In the modern workplace, you need more than just noise-canceling. Consider Sensear’s SENS® Technology to protect from noise and enhance your communications.

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