Prioritize Your Employees While Planning for 2021

Date: October 9, 2020 | Category: Hearing Protection

For quite a year now, we have been living with the tension of this pandemic. It would be amazing if we knew when things would get back to normal, but no one has the answer to that. Between COVID-19 business interruptions, financial downturn, and rising prices, businesses are feeling the tension.

Businesses are increasing safety measures. New strategies are being adopted including temperature screenings for employees and vendors, observed handwashing at the door, etc. Some businesses are asking employees to certify that they have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19 before entering the facility.

Now is the right time for businesses to start thinking strategically and planning for the upcoming 2021 year.

Involve Reality

It is important to acknowledge the current COVID-19 concerns. This pandemic has been unpredictable and has left a lot of businesses in a difficult situation. A technique like the SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can help identify some of the areas where businesses are fighting right now, while also looking ahead to some new opportunities for growth in the upcoming year.

Be Reasonably Optimistic

It is good to hope that things will get better and back to normal in 2021, but we need to be reasonable with our optimism. Most of the financial forecasts show some moderate growth, but businesses probably want to keep their expectations in check with some conservative projections.

Make Your Employees Your Priority

The 2021 business plan should not merely be about the businesses. Businesses should prioritize all the necessary efforts to identify and implement operational changes that help increase employees’ safety. The focus should be on social distancing and hygiene precautions to protect your employees’ health.

While social distancing is the ‘New Normal,' personal protective equipment (PPE) is also a vital part of any worker safety protocol. Businesses must provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees and ensure their use.

While Social Distancing and hearing protection are extremely important among workers, Sensear understands that it can limit team communication, especially in high-noise environments and all workers need clear and distinct communication to improve efficiency and guarantee the safety of their team members.

Do Your Employees Complain About Miscommunication?

Sensear’s SM1P Series of Hearing Protection and Communication Solution enables team members to have seamless headset-to-headset conversations with each other in the work area without shouting or needing to move in close to others, all while protecting their hearing. The built-in short-range for headset-to-headset communication has a range of up to 150 feet. Communication over longer distances through Bluetooth-enabled devices is also possible.

Sensear has SM1P-IS and SM1P-Ex Hazardous Location Headsets for explosive environments that require UL/CSA/TIA or ATEX/IECEx certifications.

Sensear’s SM1P-ISDP and SM1P-ExDP have the earplugs hard wired to the headset allowing dual protection models to be used where noise may exceed 95 dB(A) and requires UL/CSA/TIA or ATEX/IECEx certifications.

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For complete product information click the below links to download the headset datasheet.

Sensear headsets are trusted as the best hearing protection and communication solution by many of the world’s leading businesses encouraging social distancing.

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We agree, this year has not been great, but let us work together and preplan for the upcoming 2021. Call us at 1-888-973-6732 or email at to discuss how we can help you find the best solution for your employees.