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Offshore Industries: The Importance of Effective CommunicationPeople in every business field understand that there is underlying importance for communication; however, some industries and business fields neglect to place the correct degree of emphasis on the issue of effective communication. Some may fail to see that effective communication within their industries is not only important but also essential to success and productivity. Nowhere is this piece of information more relevant than within the ring of offshore industries working primarily in areas of oil and gas production and processing - effective communication is a critical component therein and is often overlooked by industry leaders. Those who own or manage offshore industry businesses may want to consider the information below concerning the importance of effective communication and how said communication can be achieved.


Safety is a huge concern for those who work offshore, especially considering the many pieces of large, potentially hazardous equipment that so often adorn gas and oil processing facilities. Many industry leaders take the time to inform employees about on-the-job hazards and provide safety training; however, some overlook the importance of appropriate hearing protection and effective communication systems as an essential aspect of personnel safety. The technology exists to not only suppress harmful noise levels but also enhance important communication channels, which in turn provides offshore industry workers with the ability to stay alert to hazards without sacrificing the ability to communicate clearly with comrades and supervisors.


The cohesiveness of a workforce is essential to output; therefore, harmony among employees and management must be strived for as one of a business’s top priorities. Putting together an effective offshore workforce is like bringing together a group of people who play different instruments in a band and expecting them to make coherent music. Neglecting the provision of proper communication equipment is like expecting them to make coherent music without talking to each other or the conductor. This analogy may seem silly, but it clearly reveals the obvious need for communication in order for workforces of any kind to achieve harmony and productivity. An appropriate communication system quickly remedies the situation and boosts productivity along with many other desired workforce qualities.


Speaking of productivity, many business owners are obsessed with bigger, better outputs. However, some experience frustration at the lack thereof. Perhaps the reason for this can be attributed to a lack of proper communication equipment. As evidenced by the point above, employees who do not communicate cannot produce quality, efficient work. Case studies indicate that the use of quality communication equipment boosts productivity, efficiency, and decreases the number of mistakes made on the job. Interested? Check out the following case study featuring oil and gas industry applications.

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Communication is absolutely imperative among offshore industries such as oil and gas. Responsible industry leaders and business owners should carefully consider the information above in order to administer a safe, productivity-inducing environment to employees.

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