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Benefits of noise reducing headsets in noisy workplaces (Hero Banner)

Permanent Hearing Damage

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 125,000 workers each year end up with permanent hearing damage because of workplace noise.

Loud and prolonged noise in the workplace can have a significant impact on the quality of life while causing undue stress. What's the best solution to protect employee hearing and provide communication along with additional safety features?

Noise-Reducing Headsets 

This is where noise-reducing headsets can be beneficial. By reducing external loud noises, workers can continue their workday without distraction. This reduces stress levels and improves levels of concentration, which in turn increases productivity.

However, noise-reducing headsets or earmuffs take away the ability for workers to communicate clearly with each other, which can be detrimental in many work environments.

Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

The same can be true for active noise-canceling headphones as well, which are typically used in the consumer market for playing music while silencing the background noise. These types of headphones can also make it dangerous in a workplace environment – especially in spaces such as factories, warehouses, or building sites where safety is paramount – because workers are unable to hear what is happening around them.

Therefore, employers should opt for digital noise-suppression headsets over standard noise-reducing earmuffs or active noise-canceling headphones. But what is the difference between noise suppression and active noise cancellation?

Digital Noise Suppression vs. Active Noise-Canceling

Active noise-canceling headphones are used to block out most if not all sounds in the background by canceling all noises using an internally generated completely opposite signal in the headphones, therefore canceling most noises. The issue with these active noise-canceling headsets is that they remove most if not all noise in the workplace that is important for a worker to hear. For example, in a warehouse, this could be an alarm system beeping or the sound of a forklift turning a corner. Therefore, these headphones can make the workplace more dangerous.

Digital noise suppression headsets from Sensear are vastly different. Rather than blocking out all of the various types of noise, the headsets feature built-in technology which enhances speech, while minimizing other dangerous types of noise.

This technology means the wearer of the headset is protected from loud and excessive noise, yet isn’t isolated from their surrounding environment, and also allows the wearer to hear voices from workers in the area. 

SENS® Technology – How it Works and its Benefits

By using digital technologies, the SENS® Technology headsets are able to determine the noises the worker should be hearing, and amplify these, while dulling all excessive noise.  For example, spoken communication will be amplified, while loud machinery background noise is lowered to a safe level, but can still be heard.

This makes digital noise suppression headsets perfect for all types of noisy work environments including oil & gas, aircraft, mining, and manufacturing environments, as employees can still communicate with one another and maintain 360° situational awareness without the risk of damaging their hearing.

Communication is Enhanced with Digital Noise Suppression Headsets and

SENS® Technology

Through SENS® Technology, face-to-face communication and 360° situational awareness or 3D directional sound can easily be heard in noisy environments. Other communication methods are also improved via simultaneous audio from digital and analog two-way radios, Bluetooth® headset connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled communication devices, and internal short-range radio for headset-to-headset communication.

Sensear’s Revolutionary SENS® (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression) Technology

SENS® has further improved the noise cancellation industry. It has developed technology that allows speech to be isolated and enhanced while harmful background noises are reduced to a safe level.

There are many benefits of SENS® Technology, with the main one being the reduction of workplace sound hazards. Many people don’t think of noise as a health and safety hazard, when in fact it has a profoundly damaging effect on many workers’ hearing ability each year.

Don’t risk hearing loss on your site. Improve productivity, reduce stress, and create a safe sound environment for your workers by purchasing Sensear SENS® Technology headsets today.

  Download Sensear's 7 Degrees of Hearing Loss Infographic