In the previous blog, we explained what an explosive atmosphere was, and why and Intrinsic Safety Certification is required for your communications headset.

In Part Two we will delve into the Classification System itself and explain how to identify which communication headsets are certified as Intrinsically Safe for the environment you are working in.

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As we spend time with our growing portfolio of global Oil and Gas customers, it always amazes me how much confusion exists within the worker population around the requirements for Intrinsically Safe Certification. Some customers believe that a Two-Way Radio is Intrinsically Safe because it has an IS battery.

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The Oil and Gas industry has been under attack for its safety record over the last few years. From the Deepwater Horizon disaster to recent oil spills in the Mississippi River safety is an ongoing and sensitive issue for the Oil and Gas industry.

Accurate and effective communication is critical to ensuring a safe working environment and this is even more critical in the Oil and Gas industry where hostile environments place additional challenges on workers.

That’s why safety leaders are focusing very closely on deploying the very best communication headsets in the Oil and Gas industry.

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