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Loud-noise exposure can have a wide range of detrimental effects in your workplace. These loud noises can have long-term consequences such as speech interference, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and even different levels of hearing loss.

The Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be a progressive process and often occurs subtly over time. This can be dangerous for workers who do not take hearing protection seriously. If their hearing is damaged, they will live with a major impairment for the rest of their lives. Not only is this dreadful for the employee, but also for the business owner or manager of the industrial workplace, as they can be held responsible for the health and safety of their employees.

Noise safety must be a top priority when considering the health and safety of your employees in the workplace. When thinking about how to ensure safety, it is important to consider all the impacts a noisy environment can have on your workers’ efficiency and productivity. Constant and continuous noise can irritate your employees and cause substantial miscommunication amongst other workers. The same can also be said about active noise-canceling earmuffs that do not allow them to communicate well with each other. It is a lose-lose situation and creates a poor working environment with low productivity.

So, when pondering on how to improve these issues, there are four ramifications that must be considered:

Speech Interference – Raising your voice to be heard places stress on both the speaker and the listener. It can also lead to a breakdown in communication.

Sleep Disturbance – Excessive noise can lead to sleep disturbance at night. As a result, this can cause fatigue and a decrease in cognitive performance when at work, possibly leading to accidents.

Interference with Concentration – Excessive noise can interrupt concentration and prevent employees from working to their potential, which can lead to frustration.

Decreased Productivity – Exposure to excessive noise can often lead to a drop in productivity levels.

How SENS® Technology Can Help You Manage a Noisy Work Environment

If your workplace environment is noisy, it is important to have the proper hearing protective devices (HPDs) for your employees. Sensear’s SENS® Technology in our hearing protection headsets suppresses noise in the surrounding environment while allowing users to still communicate with each other. Sensear is helping businesses across the globe effectively manage their noisy work environments to keep their employees safe, efficient, and productive.

The innovative SENS® works by limiting loud background noises while processing and separating speech, allowing the wearer to hear speech, alarms, or other important sounds. This is perfect for potentially dangerous environments such as factories, heavy industrial sites, etc. where workers need to be able to hear their peers yet require loud machinery noises to be suppressed. SENS® achieves this by using this high-tech sound filtration system of built-in digital signal processing.

Use our Hearing Protection Calculator to calculate the sound level at the ear when wearing hearing protection. If your HPDs are not providing the correct level of hearing protection for your workers, choose the right hearing protectionContact us today for a free consultation to discuss your concerns, or download our Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Headsets to make sure that you are selecting the right noise reduction and communications solution for your team. 

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