Should Fit Testing be a Part of Your Hearing Conservation Program?

Date: April 29, 2021 | Category: Hearing Protection

The best hearing protection devices (HPDs) are ones that employees want to wear and have all of the features necessary for employees to get the job done safely and efficiently. Another factor to consider is the fit and the actual hearing protection level that is achieved by the HPD on a particular person. What do you do when everyone has different-sized heads and not all hearing protection fits the same? What is the solution to having the right size headset with the right amount of hearing protection for each employee?

The answer lies in fit testing. Often, employees can have different-sized ear canals, resulting in unbalanced hearing protection. By conducting fit testing in your workplace, you can determine the type of protector that will work best and provide the most protection in given situations for your employees.

Fit Testing Cushions-1

Sensear’s Earmuff Probed Test Cushions (image to left) provide quality and simple fit-testing solutions. The probed earmuff cushions are used for testing purposes only, so it is important to first remove and replace employee earmuff cushions with Sensear Earmuff Probed Test Cushions (PN: SMHK0007). After testing, employers should be sure to replace the probed earmuff cushions with cushions that properly seal and are not cracked or stiff.

Using the appropriate fit testing system, Sensear users can test the fit of their Sensear headsets and get immediate feedback. Any attempt to fit test products with the 3M E-A-Rfit system that is not intended for 3M's system will not yield accurate results and should be stopped immediately.

At Sensear, we strive to create unique solutions to protect hearing while allowing workers to communicate and maintain situational awareness using our patented SENS® Technology. Exposure to loud harmful noises can have serious health implications, causing long-term noise-induced hearing loss. To ensure proper hearing protection levels are achieved, fit testing may be right for your operation. 



Nate Holmer

Marketing Manager As the marketing manager for Sensear, Nate brings over ten years of experience in B2B digital marketing and sales, specializing in content marketing. Nate's background in the manufacturing and industrial sectors equips him with a deep understanding of the "buyer persona" and the unique safety challenges end-users face in industrial environments. His commitment to end-user awareness and education on work-related hearing loss illustrates his passion for hearing conservation. His personal motivation for solutions to reduce occupational hearing loss makes him the perfect fit to drive user awareness of Sensear's advancements and comprehensive employee safety benefits.