What are the Benefits of the All-New SP1R?

Date: September 30, 2021 | Category: Two-Way Radio Headsets

Sensear’s all-new SP1R is a revolution in lightweight hearing protection technology. The SP1R delivers Sensear’s exceptional Speech Enhancement and Noise Suppression Technology (SENS®) into the most compact hearing protection and communication solution in the industry. Built specifically to enable two-way radio communications in high-noise environments, the SP1R is powered by your two-way radio, so it never needs charging. How can the SP1R benefit your industry?

Two-Way Radio Communication for High-Noise

As mentioned above, the SP1R was built to enhance two-way radio communication for high-noise environments. Some of the most prominent industries for the SP1R include mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing, which have some of the highest percentages of hearing loss worldwide. In fact, a 2016 study found that “the mining sector has the highest prevalence of workers with hearing loss (17%), followed by the construction sector (16%) and the manufacturing sector (14%).” Due to this issue, a higher NRR is required to effectively protect workers’ hearing and allow them to have clear communication.

As the SP1R has a rating of up to 31dB NRR, it is the perfect hearing protection and communication solution for these extreme noise workplaces. With its intrinsically safe option, the SP1R is ideal for two-way radio communication in hazardous environments. It is also beneficial for hot environments, where a comfortable, lightweight solution is necessary.


The SP1R has the option of earplugs with an in-ear microphone, or a lightweight, heavy-duty headset with earplugs and an external noise-canceling boom microphone. The SP1R’s in-ear microphone is specifically for users of respirators or other equipment that restricts boom mic usage, and the boom mic headset offers crystal clear audio up to 120 dB(A), making it great for users in extreme noise environments. These two earpiece models make the SP1R ideal for use with or without full-face protection devices or protective suits, giving users an option to choose the best solution to meet their needs.

The removable earpieces are designed for ease of serviceability and hygiene for users who share the base unit. Each earpiece option comes with detachable foam ear-tips that allow for full user comfort.

The SP1R-IS (for use in hazardous locations) is certified to some of the most stringent intrinsic safety standards: CSA C22.2 No. 157.92 and UL 913 5th Edition. As mentioned before, this is a great option for users in hazardous environments such as oil & gas, mining, or other hazardous industries. These environments can have extremely high noise and keeping employees safe should always be the top priority of any organization in said environments. To learn more about intrinsic safety and who needs IS headsets/earplugs, read our overview blog on Intrinsic Safety.

For more information on operating and using the SP1R, check out our SP1R Product Manual or download our SP1R Datasheet.

We’d like to learn more about your hearing protection and communication needs and how we can help you achieve them. Contact us today to request more information, schedule a demo, or follow up with one of our Hearing Protection and Communication experts, so we can work together to achieve your goals.

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