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Sensear is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Professional Communications Systems, LLC from Blacksburg, Virginia to represent Sensear’s innovative headsets and in-ear solutions.

Since 1976, Professional Communications (ProComm) has served a variety of markets across the Mid-Atlantic region including local government, manufacturing, public safety, education, medical, general business, and industrial customers. ProComm is dedicated to offering customers the ideal products and services tailored to their needs, sourced from the finest product lines on the market. ProComm's mission is to ensure that every interaction with their clients is guided by the principle that no sale is ever final, fostering ongoing support and satisfaction.

Joe L. Strickler, Chief Operations Officer, said, “Adding Sensear to ProComm’s solutions portfolio was a natural fit and extension in our effort to help customers solve communication challenges in high-noise environments.” Joe added, “We take great pride in working with our customers to choose the best systems and components for each unique situation, Sensear’s over-the-ear and in-ear hearing protection fit our commitment to offering our customers the industry’s best solutions at a fair price.”   

Sensear is redefining hearing protection in high-noise environments. Sensear's Smart Communication Headsets and Earplugs with SENS® Technology are used for hearing protection and communication while maintaining 360° situational awareness to provide workers with personal safety and effective communication. Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology enhances speech while reducing harmful background noise and enabling 360° situational awareness by retaining original sound characteristics while reducing the risk of accidents. 

Sensear CEO, Amanda Miller said, "We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Joe and his team at ProComm to help promote Sensear’s message across the Mid-Atlantic. ProComm is uniquely qualified to share Sensear’s message to their customers and prospects in our ability to enhance communications while reducing high noise without compromising on 360° situational awareness. Our partnership allows both organizations to build upon each other’s strengths and provide greater value for our customers."


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