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San Francisco, November 1st, 2011: Sensear, a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets, recently announced their booth at A+A 2011, the World’s Largest Safety Trade Fair, attracted a significant increase in visitors from previous years.

This year, Sensear had the largest amount of floor space devoted to Hearing Protection and High Noise Communication which was visited by distributors (old and new), customers, and our competitors who are becoming more interested in what we are doing.

Visitors were introduced to a new range of technologies and products from Sensear which included the unveiling of its latest version of the SP Smart Plug product. Available for general release Q1 2012, the new SP2x features some groundbreaking changes that further enhance the current SENS, speech enhancement – noise suppression, technology.

Justin Miller, Sensear CEO, said; “The new SP2x represents a revolutionary advance in high noise communication and hearing protection. With ''smart in-ear voice pick up' users can now communicate with two-way radio and Bluetooth cell phone in noise levels up to 115dB without the need for a boom mic.”

The new product developments and the comprehensive range of existing products that Sensear had on display were met by overwhelming interest from distributors and end-users alike.

This is the third A+A Sensear has exhibited at and according to one visitor “Sensear just get bigger and bigger with every show”. Justin Miller said; “This year’s A+A show confirmed our evolution as a global leader. Over the past few years, we have established key strategic partnerships with end-user customers and distributors around the globe. It was a pleasure to meet personally with our existing global customers and gain visibility into the significant opportunities we have ahead of us”

About Sensear

Founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia, and with joint headquarters in Perth, and San Francisco, USA, Sensear is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets.  From a global network of sales offices, Sensear is selling to end users via distributors, dealers, and resellers in the majority of countries around the world.  Sensear’s patented combination of hardware and software, isolates, cleans, and packages speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level.  The award-winning technology has been incorporated into both ear plug and ear muff headsets that, whilst retaining situational awareness, enable face
to face, mobile/cell phone, short-range, and two-way radio communication in the harshest and noisiest of environments.

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