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Sensear is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Magnum Electronics, Inc. to represent Sensear’s innovative headsets and in-ear solutions in the northeast and across all the markets Magnum Electronics serves.

Magnum Electronics, Inc. is a family-owned communications systems integrator headquartered in Dover, Delaware. Since 1991, Bill and Marcia Ridenour’s vision has focused on supporting operational and mission-critical workers in government and enterprise markets with critical communications, including two-way radios and systems. Additionally, Magnum Electronics offers an extensive selection of radio accessories for all major radio brands, and they understand the vital role hearing protection and speech enhancement have for today’s connected workers.

Sensear is pleased to partner with Magnum Electronics because they are recognized as a Motorola Solutions Platinum Channel Partner, 5X Empower Circle Winner, Manufacturer Representative, Federal Market MR, and Service Specialist. Magnum Electronics also manages a comprehensive eCommerce website that includes thousands of products with compatibility documentation to help the online buying experience. And...they still answer their phones with live, trained representatives during normal business hours.

Sensear drives a new approach to occupational hearing conservation by combining innovative communication systems with the best hearing protection technologies to ensure users can hear speech and stay protected in high-noise workplace environments. Sensear's Smart Communication Headsets and Earplugs with Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology are used for hearing protection and communication while maintaining 360° situational awareness to provide workers with personal safety and effective communication. SENS® Technology enhances speech while reducing harmful background noise and enabling 360° situational awareness by retaining original sound characteristics, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Sensear CEO, Amanda Miller said, "From our initial discussions with Bill, we knew Magnum Electronics was an organization that fully understood and shared in our mission to help customers solve industrial-related hearing loss. We could not be more excited about the opportunity to partner with Magnum Electronics to promote Sensear’s capabilities to a broader audience. Our partnership provides opportunities to not only grow our business, but to provide customers with enhanced communications while reducing high-end industrial noise, and without compromising on safety.”

"At Magnum Electronics we are always focused on helping people be their very best in the moments that matter”, said Bill Ridenour, President of Magnum Electronics. “Adding Sensear’s innovative Speech Enhancement and Noise Cancelling headset technology to our portfolio is just another component in our ability to help customers communicate more effectively and safely. Our mission has always been to be the premier supplier of equipment and services for mission-critical communications by focusing on Total Customer Satisfaction. Including Sensear into our portfolio was an obvious addition when we consider customers who need durable and cost-effective noise suppression headsets to strengthen their mission-critical communications while protecting their workers,” concluded Ridenour.

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