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Sensear, an innovative hearing technology company, has launched in Brazil with the announcement of a partnership with one of South America’s largest PPE distributors – SP Equipamentos (

The potential of the Brazilian market for Sensear’s range of hearing protection and communication devices have been validated during recent trips by Sensear management to meet potential large clients and staff at SP Equipmentos.

“We are encouraged by the very positive reaction our products are receiving in the Brazilian market. We feel we have chosen the right company to partner with in one of the worlds largest markets for safety equipment. SP Equipamentos is a world class company with a great reputation” said David Cannington, Chief Marketing Officer, Sensear.

Sensear products are powered by the patent pending SENS technology that simultaneously isolate and enhance speech whilst suppressing background noise so users can safely and clearly hear speech in high noise environments.

Sensears innovative range of hearing protection and communication devices solves big problems for many of Brazil’s largest industrial organizations. Through SP Equipmentos, Sensear is targeting leading companies in the mining, aviation, manufacturing, and resources sectors where Brazil has a world class competitive advantage.

According to Ruben Cyrulnik, Purchasing Manager SP Equipamentos “Sensear’s technology is the most innovative hearing protection device we have seen for some time and we are excited to develop the Brazilian market for this range of products.”

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About SP Equipamentos de Proteção ao Trabalho

For more than 34 years, SP Equipamentos de Proteção ao Trabalho has been recognized as a top-quality safety manufacturer and distributor. SPE provides the broadest line of personal protective equipment in South America and has a respected history of product innovation that is recognized throughout the industry. SP Equipamentos has been the most awarded and remembered personal protective equipment company in Brazil for 2009 year.

About Sensear

Founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia, and with joint headquarters in Perth, and San Francisco, USA, Sensear is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets. From a global network of sales ofces Sensear is selling to end users via distributors, dealers and resellers in the majority of countries around the world. Sensear’s patented combination of hardware and software, isolates, cleans and packages speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level.The award winning technology has been incorporated into both ear plug and ear muf headsets that, whilst retaining situational awareness, enable face to face, mobile/cell phone, short range and two way radio communication in the harshest and noisiest of environments.

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