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On the back of the worlds two largest Safety Trade Shows, NSC and A+A, Sensear, has announced new partnership agreements with two leading Safety and OH&S partners with more to be announced in the coming months.

In the United Kingdom, Sensear has signed a partnership with Arco, the market leader for the supply of safety equipment to the workplace in the UK. Arco’s core purpose is to “make work a better place for people” and they pride themselves on not only being an efficient and cost effective source of products for their customers but also in being recognised as experts in what they do by customers, suppliers and our competitors.

According to Steve Binnie, Category Manager–PPE, Arco “One of the key reasons for our continued success is our constant focus on finding the best and most innovative products and solutions for our customers. Our new relationship with Sensear is one we see as offering massive potential for us in the UK. The Sensear product will allow us to drive the hearing protection market in the UK in a new direction with a product that delivers protection and allows effective communication. We have a proven track record of establishing new and innovative products to the UK market and look forward to many years of success in our new relationship with Sensear.”

In Asia, Sensear has signed a partnership with Alpha1, a leading OH&S solution provider specialising in Noise Management in Singapore & Malaysia. According to Calvin Hoo – Sales Manager “ Sensear represents an exciting product for us as it will open up new markets and change the way our customers approach the ongoing challenge of communicating in high noise environments.”

According to David Cannington, Chief Marketing Officer, Sensear. “As we continue to add distribution partners around the world, Sensear is being seen as a strategic new product that will fundamentally change the way their clients address high noise communication challenges in the future”.

A recently signed distributor in Brazil, SP Equipamentos, is committed to driving Sensear’s solution into the South American market. “There has been overwhelming interest in Sensear’s innovative products in Brazil and we see this line as an important strategic product that will open up new opportunities for our company” said Ruben Cyrulnik, Purchasing Director, SP Equipamentos.

Sensear recently participated in a six city Road show to launch Sensear in Brazil and met with over 50 companies, all who have an interest in Sensear’s technology.

As a result of the interest shown in Sensear at the recent Trade Shows, Sensear will be making further partnership announcements in the coming months to add to existing partners in Australia, North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

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About Sensear

Founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia, and with joint headquarters in Perth, and San Francisco, USA, Sensear is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets. From a global network of sales ofces Sensear is selling to end users via distributors, dealers and resellers in the majority of countries around the world. Sensear’s patented combination of hardware and software, isolates, cleans and packages speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level.The award winning technology has been incorporated into both ear plug and ear muf headsets that, whilst retaining situational awareness, enable face to face, mobile/cell phone, short range and two way radio communication in the harshest and noisiest of environments.

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