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Sensear is excited to announce a distribution agreement with American International Radio, Inc. (AIR) to represent Sensear’s innovative headsets and in-ear solutions across all the markets American International Radio, Inc. (AIR) serves, including government, commercial, industrial, transportation, and more.

American International Radio, Inc. (AIR) is a premier technology company and is one of the largest distributors of Motorola Solutions in the EMEA Region. It is a System Integrator providing professional communication solutions and mobility & IT applications. AIR began in 1990 and has since grown to direct offices in nine countries with partners in over 60 countries globally, including the U.S.A., Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

AIR offers a wide variety of professional communication solutions and products, including Broadband, TETRA, DMR, Security & Video Surveillance, Private LTE, PTT over Cellular, Antenna Systems, etc., as well as on-demand customized solutions and system integration. AIR’s portfolio of products, solutions, and services provides the tools you need to get the job done while maintaining a competitive edge and saving costs.

Sensear drives a new approach to Occupational Hearing Conservation by combining innovative communication systems with the best hearing protection technologies to ensure users can hear speech and stay protected in high-noise workplace environments. Sensear's Smart Communication Headsets and Earplugs with SENS® Technology are used for hearing protection and communication while maintaining 360° situational awareness to provide workers with personal safety and effective communication. Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology enhances speech while reducing harmful background noise and enabling 360° situational awareness by retaining original sound characteristics, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Sensear CEO, Amanda Miller said, "We are excited about the opportunity to partner with American International Radio, Inc. (AIR) to promote Sensear’s capabilities to a broader audience across Europe and the EMEA. This partnership creates opportunities to build upon each other’s strengths and help customers provide enhanced communications while reducing high-end industrial noise, without compromising worker safety.”

"As an international distributor and integrator, AIR requires reliable and cost-effective solutions to enhance our customer’s communications,” said Walker Van Dixhorn, General Manager at AIR. “We are excited to add Sensear to our product portfolio. Sensear’s solutions will enhance AIR’s ability to support some of our high-end industrial noise customers with durable and cost-effective noise suppression headsets and strengthen operational-critical communications while protecting their workers,” concluded Van Dixhorn.

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