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Sensear Pty Ltd has been awarded the 2008 Best Newcomer Award at the Melbourne Safety in
Action Conference.

Managing Director Justin Miller said that the award reflected the potential of Sensear’s technology
to dramatically reduce the incidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the workplace.
“NIHL is major health and safety issue in our work places particularly for people working in transport,
construction, manufacturing and mining industries.

“It takes only two minutes exposure to very loud noise before permanent hearing damage takes

“That is an unacceptable risk to employees,” he said.

Sensear has developed an electronic ear plug which allows face to face, mobile phone and two-way radio communication. An ear muff version will be released later this year.

The products use technology based on sophisticated algorithms which suppress industrial and other very loud noise to a safe level but allow speech to remain clear and audible.

“Previously people working in noisy environments could wear hearing protection but they could not
effectively communicate with each other.

“This has been a huge impediment to productivity and safety,” said Mr Miller.

Sensear’s electronic ear plug has been available in Australia since March 2008 and Europe and the USA since April 2008

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For more information please contact:
Justin Miller
Managing Director
Sensear Pty Ltd
Phone: 6488 8120