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The newest SmartPlugR and SmartPlugR(IS) include a larger, more ergonomic PTT button designed for improved button presses and feel.  Also a new detachable ear-piece assembly allows workers who share the base unit not to have to share the ear-pieces. A great feature for those of us who work shifts.

Lastly, because the SmartPlugR and SmartPlugR(IS) don't have a battery they do not require charging, it is one less thing for your team to have to worry about.  Drawing power from the radio, the SmartPlugR turns on as soon as you power on your connected radio.

 smartPlugR for IWCE mailer.jpg

The SmartPlugR and SmartPlugR(IS) are ideal for use with respirators and breathing protective equipment or with full face protection devices or protective suits, as SmartPlugs use an in-ear mic to pick-up your voice for transmitting audio. Therefore there is no boom mic to get in the way of breathing protective equipment. Keep all your personal safety protective equipment on and communicate clearly and freely while staying protected.

Use the SmartPlugR and SmartPlugR(IS) in high noise and extreme environments where ear muffs may get hot and sweaty or feel heavy over time for some creating discomfort, the SmartPlugs use small light weight ear plugs in your ear for both transmit and receive of audio with 31dB protection.

Similar to the rest of Sensear’s portfolio, the SmartPlugR and SmartPlugR(IS) pair Sensear’s patented SENS® technology and a noise-suppression microphone to allow users in high-noise environments to communicate either via face-to-face or via two-way radio, while maintaining 360° audible awareness of your surroundings and protecting your hearing.

The Intrinsically Safe SmartPlugR(IS) is certified to some of the most stringent intrinsic safety standards: TIA-4950-A, CSA C22.2 No. 157.92, & UL 913 5th Edition with a hazardous location rating of Class I, II, III, Division 1 & 2, Groups A - G, T4 -25°C to +60°C.

We’d like to learn more about your hearing protection and communication needs and how we can help you achieve them. Click below to request more information, schedule a demo or for a follow up from one of our Hearing Protection and Communication experts, so we can work together to achieve your goals.


Jim Kruckow is a member of the Sensear team who shares insights on hearing and noise protection. With a background in hearing safety, he aims to inform and inspire readers.
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