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San Francisco, October 5th, 2011: Leading communications technology distributor Minerva has signed a deal to become the leading Middle East and Africa (MEA) region distributor for Sensear, a pioneering and award-winning high-noise communication technology company.

Through Minerva’s expansive distribution network, the MEA region will be introduced for the first time to a unique range of “smart muffs” that pull of the technological masterstroke of simultaneously suppressing harmful background noise while enhancing workers’ general awareness and ability to communicate.

Worn as a headband, helmet mount, or behind the neck, the SENS (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression) technology enables the crystal clear exchange of vital information in high-noise environments either face-to-face or via two-way radio (including full compatibility with the Minerva-supplied MOTOTRBO), short-range radio and cellphones. Sensear is also able to connect to MP3 players. The distribution deal is the latest in a long line of successes for Minerva as it cements its position as the MEA region’s leading value-added distributor for
cutting-edge communications solutions, including wireless broadband, wireless local area network (WLAN), two-way radio, and TETRA products.

“Minerva is delighted to welcome Sensear to our product portfolio as we see them as more than just a value-added product. In addition to addressing the majority of verticals across the region, such as oil and gas and transportation, their technology markedly boosts worksite safety by protecting the end-users ears’ as well as enhancing their general awareness and ability to communicate in high-noise environments,” said Richard Wilcox, Sales Director, Minerva. Phill Bates, Sales Director, Sensear Europe & Middle East, said: “Launching a new brand in a new market is always challenging. In order to maximize our success, Sensear needs a partner who understands the complexity of the market and who has great relationships with customers in the region. Minerva is the ideal partner for Sensear and our early successes are already confirming the strength of the

About Sensear

Founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia, and with joint headquarters in Perth, and San Francisco, USA, Sensear is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets. From a global network of sales offices, Sensear is selling to end users via distributors, dealers, and resellers in the majority of countries around the world. Sensear’s patented combination of hardware and software, isolates, cleans, and packages speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level. The award-winning technology has been incorporated into both ear plug and ear muff headsets that, whilst retaining situational awareness, enable face
to face, mobile/cell phone, short-range, and two-way radio communication in the harshest and noisiest of environments.

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