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Sensear, a leading global manufacturer of Smart Digital Headsets and Earplugs for high-noise communication, is pleased to announce the appointment of Johnella (Jaye) Smith as one of our new Inside Sales Managers. With over a decade of experience at renowned companies like WESCO, Asana, and, Jaye has consistently achieved exceptional sales results and driven revenue growth for busy retail and software businesses. Her expertise lies in providing friendly and skilled customer support, employing consultative sales methods, and implementing effective outreach techniques. Jaye will be based at Sensear’s U.S. sales headquarters in Carpentersville, IL. 

About Sensear

Sensear was established in 2006 as a result of a unique partnership with the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, driven by the demand from various industries. The purpose of Sensear's patented SENS® Technology is to enhance speech while suppressing background noise, enabling users to communicate effectively, protect their hearing, and maintain complete situational awareness in noisy environments such as oil & gas, mining, construction, heavy manufacturing, and other industrial workplaces.

Sensear has established partnerships with some of the world's leading industrial companies, collaborating to find solutions for their high-noise communication challenges. This collaboration is a testament to Sensear's commitment to designing, manufacturing, and repairing products that meet the high-quality standards demanded by our customers. While based in Belmont, Australia, Sensear also has sales headquarters in North America.

To discover more about Sensear's innovative solutions for effective communication in high-noise environments and the protection of hearing, we invite you to visit the Sensear blog or reach out to us today.