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Arco and Sensear Sponsor the ‘Noisiest Press Event’ in the World to Celebrate the Launch of Next-Generation Hearing Protection in the UK

To celebrate the UK launch of Sensear’s High Noise Communication and Hearing Protection Systems, Arco and Sensear sponsored the Noisiest Press Event in the world at Diggerland Theme Park in Kent last week.

Leading journalists and customers were put into a real working situation to demonstrate how the Sensear technology can effectively suppress noise but allow important communication to continue and keep people safe in the workplace. Blindfolded JCB maneuvering and dumper truck racing may not be elements you’d normally expect at a press conference but these two challenges created the perfect scenario for Arco and Sensear to demonstrate the product.

In Britain, some 170,000 people suffer from deafness, tinnitus, or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to harmful levels of noise at work. As most traditional hearing protection devices are designed to block out all sound, useful signals such as voices may not be heard which encourages users to remove the protection and expose themselves to potentially damaging noise levels. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) caused at work is preventable but hearing damage is permanent.

Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is launching a revolutionary hearing protection system incorporating the groundbreaking SENS® (Speech Enhancement Noise Suppression) Technology from Sensear. The Sensear Smart Muff Range is sold exclusively through Arco in the UK and is a total high noise communication solution that simultaneously isolates and enhances speech while suppressing harmful background noise. The result is a high-quality natural speech played directly into the Sensear earmuffs or optionally connected via Bluetooth® to mobile phone and two-way radio.

By suppressing rather than eliminating all background noise, the Sensear technology enables the user to remain aware of his or her working environment and continue to communicate effectively whilst remaining protected. Bad working practices, such as removing ear protection for just 5 minutes every hour, can result in hearing damage. Sensear’s Smart Muff can prevent new cases of NIHL by enabling face-to-face, mobile phone, and two-way radio communication in high noise environments without having to be removed. This ensures that the wearer remains protected and productive.

Steven Binnie, Arco’s Product, and Procurement Manager said: “Everybody has the right to be protected at work and, as an expert in safety, Arco is focussed on innovation and delivering the best products and the latest technologies that will enable its customers to stay safe at work. We believe that the Sensear technology offers the very best in hearing protection and we are delighted that we now have this ground-breaking product as part of our range of world-class safety products.”

About Arco

Arco is the UK’s leading safety company, distributing quality products and training and providing expert advice helping to shape the safe world and make work a safer place. Founded in1884 and with a heritage spanning 4 generations, Arco integrates traditional family values with pioneering innovation to offer a world-class range of over 22,000 quality assured, branded, and own-brand products, including personal protective equipment, clothing, footwear, gloves, workplace safety, and hygiene products. Headquartered in Hull, Arco reaches its customers through its extensive product catalog, interactive website, and 40 strong local branch network. The company has sales of over £200m and employs approximately 1500 people.

Arco is dedicated to its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and continually demonstrates its support of local business communities and charitable organizations, donating in excess of 1% of pre-tax profits annually. In 2007, Arco became a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and in 2009 it was awarded a Big Tick for its supply chain management from Business in the Community. The company has also received the highly prestigious Family Business Honour by JP Morgan’s Private Bank and the Institute of Family Business (IFB). For more information, visit

About Sensear

Founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia, and with joint headquarters in Perth, and San Francisco, USA, Sensear is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high noise communication headsets. From a global network of sales offices, Sensear is selling to end users via distributors, dealers, and resellers in the majority of countries around the world. Sensear’s patented combination of hardware and software, isolates, cleans, and packages speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level. The award-winning technology has been incorporated into both earplug and earmuff headsets that, whilst retaining situational awareness, enable face to face, mobile/cell phone, short-range, and two-way radio communication in the harshest and noisiest of environments.

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