Intrinsically Safe 

Dual Hearing Protection


Sensear SDP Double Protection Smart Headset

Intrinsically Safe Dual Hearing Protection Headset for Communication in High Noise Environments

Dual protection is often a requirement in many critical working areas where exposures may exceed 95 decibels (dBA), Sensear has integrated our SENS communication capabilities into an intrinsically safe dual hearing protection headset (IS-SDP) so users can effectively communicate without removing their hearing protection in these extremely high noise conditions.

Based on the existing SM1xSR IS headset, and incorporating the dual protection feature from our non-IS dual protection headset; the IS-SDP fills the marketplace need for a high performance intrinsically safe headset for extreme noise environments that require Class 1 Div 1 certification

Users of the IS-SDP will benefit from communication capabilities and safety features such as:

  • existing two-way radio integration,
  • in-ear volume limiting
  • retained situational awareness.

Other Features and Benefits:

  • Limit 'in-ear' noise exposure to 82dB
  • Rugged and lightweight design
  • Up to 31dB NRR (noise reduction rating)
  • Headset-to-headset PTT communication 
  • Connect to two-way radios via Bluetooth® or cable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (lithium-ion)
  • VOX capable
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic

Wow! It’s like having "Bionic Ears"!!! I was amazed when walking through the process area. I could even hear sounds that I did not know existed! Two weeks ago, I was in the process area when I received a call. I could not hear or understand the person on the other end of the line and they could not understand me. Today, I went to the same process area and was able to have a conversation. The person I was talking to thought I was sitting in an office. They said the clarity was "a hundred times better"!

Grant Peebles - Timber Company, Canada