Sensear - A New Approach to Hearing Protection and High-Noise Communication

Clear, safe communication in high-noise environments.

Sensear is driving a new approach to Occupational Hearing Conservation by combining the most innovative communication systems with the very best hearing protection technologies to ensure users can hear speech and stay protected in high-noise workplace environments.

Sensear delivers a total high-noise communication solution by ensuring users can communicate face-to-face, at short and long distances via two-way radio and Bluetooth cell phone.

All Sensear devices have passed the required hearing protection with communication industry certifications to ensure effective hearing protection for users. Sensear ensures certified maximum output "in the ear" of 82 dB(A) in noise up to 105 dB(A) and for the Extreme Noise DP-model headsets up to 120 dB(A).

Sensear delivers 360° situational awareness to ensure users have a complete awareness of what is happening around them.