Sensear Delivers Safety Through Technology

As an occupational health and safety professional, your industrial high-noise headsets should offer effective Active Noise Control (ANC) while ensuring your employees maintain complete situational awareness. At Sensear, we understand the challenges of delivering industrial noise-canceling headsets with ANC capabilities without compromising worker safety or awareness of their surroundings.

SENS Infographic Video

You need hearing protection, but you also need to maintain complete awareness of your surroundings.

Sensear’s SENS® Technology establishes a new standard in hearing protection for high-noise environments. SENS® elevates noise cancellation by isolating and enhancing speech while reducing harmful background noise. With Sensear headsets, users can maintain 360° situational awareness of their environments, discerning the nature, distance, and directionality of all sounds, including forklifts, cranes, machinery, vehicles, alarms, and speech.


The Impact of Slips, Trips and Falls Costs Businesses More Than

$19 Billion

- Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index


What is the impact of Slips, Trips, and Falls on your business?

For every 10dB of hearing loss, your risk of falling increases by 140%. If your idea of providing hearing protection has been offering employees foam earplugs that provide mild to moderate active noise control, you are not only reducing the employee’s hearing, but you are also potentially increasing their risk of falling on the job.

A New Approach to Occupational Hearing Conservation

Sensear is driving a new approach to clear and safe communication in high-noise environments by combining the most innovative communication systems with the very best hearing protection technology. This ensures users will hear speech and stay protected even in high-noise workplace environments.

Sensear delivers a total high-noise communication solution by ensuring users can communicate face-to-face, at short and long distances via two-way radio and Bluetooth® cell phone.

All Sensear devices have passed the required hearing protection certification standards within the communication industry to ensure effective hearing protection for users. Sensear certifies maximum output "in the ear" of 82 dB(A) in noisy environments, up to 105 dB(A), and for the Extreme Noise Dual Protection-model headsets, up to 120 dB(A).


Sensear’s Unique Technology

Sensear’s industry-changing SENS® Technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver total high-noise communications and protection solutions by recognizing the different properties of speech and background noise. SENS® enables users to communicate in noisy environments, protect their hearing from harmful noise, and remain aware of their surroundings.

Sensear - A New Approach to Hearing Protection and High-Noise Communication

Total Communication

Sensear delivers a total high-noise communication connectivity solution by ensuring users can communicate face-to-face, short-range, and long distances via two-way radio, Bluetooth® cell phone, and other communication systems.

Hearing Protection

All Sensear devices pass the hearing protection industry certifications to ensure effective hearing protection. Sensear certifies maximum output "in the ear" of 82 dB(A) in noise up to 105 dB(A) and for Extreme Noise Dual Protection-model headsets up to 120 dB(A).

Situational Awareness

Sensear delivers 360° binaural situational awareness to ensure users have a completc awareness of what is happening around them.




Complete High-Noise Communication Solutions for the Connected Worker:

  • - Integrated FM Short-Range – Headset-to-Headset up to 150 feet (46 meters)
  • - Two-Way Radio (Cabled or Bluetooth®)
  • - Streaming/Audio and Bluetooth® devices:
    • - PoC Applications
    • - Rugged LTE devices
    • - Cellular devices (voice /video)
    • - Tablets or PCs
    • - VoIP platforms

Hear Speech and Communicate Face-to-Face in Any Noise:

  • - Face-to-Face - Anyone in the vicinity
  • - Broadband (Intermittent) Noise - Workshop, machinery, heavy vehicles, etc.
  • - Tonal (Continuous) Noise - Compressor, motors, pumps, etc.
  • - Impulse (Impact) Noise - Hammer, gunshot, explosion, etc.
  • - Headsets adapt quickly to any changes in background noise type, level, or frequency.

Global Compliance Standards:

  • - Certified Maximum Output “To the Ear” of 82 dB(A) in noise up to 110 dB(A)
    • - Meets OSHA’s recommendation of providing Hearing Protection when noise exceeds 85dB over an 8-hour Time Weighted Average (TWA)
    • - Can lower volume limiter to 70 dB(A) and raise to 90 dB(A) as desired
  • - ATEX / IECEx / UKCA / KOSHA certified for hazardous locations 
  • - UL / CSA / TIA certified for hazardous locations

Superior 360° Omnidirectional Situational Awareness of all Sounds, Including:

  • - Speech
  • - Forklifts/Cranes/Machinery/Vehicles
  • - Alarms

In-ear solutions for use with respirators:

  • - The in-ear mic option is ideal for use with respirators and breathing protection devices
  • - In-ear bone conduction mic
  • - 31dB NRR

Double Hearing (Dual) Protection Headsets for Noise at or Above 120 dB(A):

  • - Hazardous location headset for extreme noisy environments
  • - Earplugs integrated into earcups with SENS® Technology
  • - Up to 36dB NRR

Advanced Features:

  • - Hands-Free Communication with VOX Activation
  • - Li-Ion Battery Offers Up To 24 Hours of Continuous Use Before Recharge
  • - No External Antenna Required
  • - Voice Navigated Menus
  • - Potential enhancement of hearing for workers with preconditioned hearing loss, while still providing them protection

Digital Communication: It's What Sets Us Apart

Sensear's high-noise environment headsets are at the forefront of digital technology. Sensear was the first industrial headset manufacturer to embrace smart digital signal processing as our core technology backbone. The result is enhanced performance, greater flexibility, better speech separation capability, and the availability of connecting to a wide range of digital and analog communication devices.

Communication Devices are Embracing Digital Technologies

From ruggedized digital smartphones to digital two-way radios, the industrial communication arena is adopting digital communication technologies because of digital’s flexibility, quality of performance, and ability to broaden functionality and capabilities.


Connect to Most Communication Devices Whether Digital or Analog

  • - Digital and Analog Two-Way Radios (including intrinsically Safe)
  • - Digital Smart Phones and Ruggedized Phones (including intrinsically safe)
  • - Digital Smart Tablets and Ruggedized Tablets (including intrinsically safe)
  • - VoIP Phones
  • - Wireless Bluetooth-Enabled Devices
  • - Wired Devices

Embedded Digital Flexibility Within the Headset

  • - Enables software upgrades for latest performance
  • - Customize settings for unique customer requirements
  • - Functionality adjustments based on customer requests
  • - Digital platform for layered software enhancements
  • - Ease of firmware/software changes for device compatibility

Superior Clarity of Communication and Speech Enhancement

  • - Enhances pure digital sound quality
  • - Award-winning speech separation technology
  • - Situational awareness is maintained despite speech enhancement
  • - Allows speech in extreme noise environments
  • - Headsets adapt on the fly to different noise environments
  • - Performance is maintained across all devices