Industrial Communication Headsets for Oil & Gas

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The Best of High Noise Solutions:

Communication + Safety


The Sensear Advantage

Oil and gas companies are often under scrutiny for environmental concerns. In reality, these companies take employee safety very seriously, as it is a very dangerous profession. Communications are critical for ensuring the safest work environment possible in these high-noise and potentially explosive environments. When starting to consider which communication solutions work best for your oil and gas company, keep in mind this checklist:

  • Does it suppress and limit workplace noise to acceptable OSHA levels (82 dbA)?
  • Does it allow clear and effective face-to-face communication in high noise?
  • Does it provide 360° situational awareness of peripheral surroundings to promote workplace safety?
  • Does it meet standard intrinsic safety certifications? 

Optimum noise suppression with full 360° situational awareness and communication is the Sensear advantage. Sensear has a long history of partnering with the world’s leading oil and gas companies to find the right high-noise communication solutions to implement across their operations. We provide the highest level of noise protection coupled with patented technology that isolates environmental noise from human speech and reduces potential safety hazards. Sensear's innovative SENS® Technology brings low-noise hearing experiences into high-noise explosive environments.

Communication is critical and hearing loss is cumulative if not prevented. Investing in effective communication solutions with hearing protection is crucial to the well-being of employees. Contact us today for a comprehensive needs evaluation and see how Sensear can solve your high-noise communication and safety needs.

SM1P - IS / SM1P - Ex

Sensear's hazardous location headsets enable high-noise communication in explosive environments that require intrinsically safe certifications.



Sensear's dual protection (earmuffs + earplugs) headsets enable communication in extreme noise explosive environments that require intrinsically safe certifications.



The SP1R is an in-ear communication solution in a small and compact yet rugged package built specifically to enhance two-way radio communications in high-noise explosive environments.