Heavy Vehicle Communication System (HVCS)

Heavy Vehicle Communication System (HVCS)

A robust router of communication and audio systems for installation inside heavy vehicles.

Operating heavy vehicles at any industrial site is challenging - and extremely noisy. On a daily basis, your heavy vehicle operators contend with noise from many different sources:


  • Two way radio communications
  • Audio entertainment from the stereo system (fatigue management tools)
  • Vehicle noise – electronic braking, engine noise etc.
  • External noises such as vehicle loading

In some cases, the combination of these noise factors results in workers being exposed to noises in excess of 90 decibels. Once workers reach these noise exposure levels occupational health and safety sanctions require actions to be made in reducing exposure.

The HVCS solution routes existing two way radio and stereo systems from the cabin speakers and wirelessly transmits to Sensear headsets worn by the operators: thus reducing the noise exposure produced by the audio entertainment and two way radio. As the Sensear headsets are hearing protection devices the wearer is also protected by external and vehicle noises.

Features and Benefits:

  • HVCS_Datasheet_GraphicAllows for clear transmission of two-way radio communications and stereo audio

  • Electronically limits the exposure to wearer at 82dB
  • Significantly reduces the operator's noise exposure, in most cases by dropping the exposure by 10dB or more
  • Built in redundancy both automatic or manual, allowing the original speaker to be re-enabled via internal relays or an external switch
  • Compatible with Sensear smartMuffs and smartPlugs wireless headsets
  • HVCS unit has ability to charge the headsets in-vehicle if prior charging was missed
  • HVCS Passes Heavy vehicle standards including dust, water and vibration requirements
  • Generic cabling harnesses for custom installation with easy to install instructions for on-site auto electricians

Sensear headsets certainly proved to be of immense value during our recent shutdown activities and ought to receive company wide recognition as one of the two most significant technological improvements in safety discovered and utilized in what is arguably the most successful full plant turnaround in the history of our oilfield.

Operator - Conoco Phillips North Slope - Alaska, USA