Charging Rack

Charging Rack

A Convenient Charging Solution for Large Scale Operations

Sensear’s Charging Rack is a heavy-duty industrial charging solution that allows for charging up to 45 Headband or Behind-the-Neck style headsets or up to 24 helmet-mounted headsets. This is a great solution for companies with numerous headsets in operation at any given time on multiple shifts and/or for plant tours and training facilities.

Keep your headsets ready to go for your next workgroup, tour, or training group, so workers, guides, and participants or teachers and students can benefit from all of the great features these headsets have to offer. Including Sensear’s industry-leading SENS® technology that enhances speech and suppresses background noise so users can communicate safely and effectively in noisy environments.

Sensear Charging Rack (front)Sensear Charging Rack (side)Sensear Charging Rack (angle)

Features and Benefits:

  • A complete solution for all of Sensears headset styles in any combination (Headband, Behind-the-Neck, and Helmet-Mounted)
  • Double-sided solution for extra capacity
  • Charge up to 45 Headband or Behind-the-Neck headsets or up to 24 Helmet Mounted headsets from a single AC outlet 
  • 15 ft cord
  • Small footprint (24” x 23.5” x 82”)
  • Approximate weight 110 lbs
  • Rugged Heavy-Duty Rack Design
  • Four heavy-duty caster wheels for easy relocation of rack
  • On-site rack assembly is required

Easy to follow instructions are provided



Rack Options Available:

  • Charging Rack with US-style 15A plug (5-15P)
    Capacity up to 40 headsets 
    Part Number: SCHARG40-01
  • Charging Rack with US-style 20A plug (6-20P)
    Capacity up to 45 headsets
    Part Number: SCHARG45-01
  • Charging Rack with EU-style plug
    Capacity up to 45 headsets
    Part Number: SCHARG45EU-02
  • Charging Rack with UK-style plug
    Capacity up to 45 headsets
    Part Number: SCHARG45UK-03
  • Charging Rack with AU/NZ-style plug
    Capacity up to 45 headsets
    Part Number: SCHARG45AU-04

Sensear headsets certainly proved to be of immense value during our recent shutdown activities and ought to receive company wide recognition as one of the two most significant technological improvements in safety discovered and utilized in what is arguably the most successful full plant turnaround in the history of our oilfield.

Operator - Conoco Phillips North Slope - Alaska, USA