Safety Guide

At Sensear, we get asked a lot of questions regarding noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it at work. This issue affects a diverse group of industries and is very prevalent in mining, transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

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7 Degrees of Hearing Loss

Download this infographic to learn more about the 7 Degrees of Hearing Loss and recognize what stage you may be in. Taking a proactive approach to hearing loss will can either slow or stop completely further hearing damage.

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Noise Levels of Construction Equipment

More than half a million construction workers are exposed to potentially hazardous high noise levels, which hearing protection solutions need to be implemented in the construction industry. 

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Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right industrial headset can be a head-spinning challenge with so many products on the market. Download Buyer's Guide on how to choose the best headsets for your industry, your needs, and your work environment.

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Competitor Comparison Guide

When it comes to smart digital headsets, there is a wide range of brands, product types and features which all provide different levels of hearing protection, user comfort and speech capabilities. This can make the decision process difficult.

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