Guía para compradores

Elegir el auricular industrial adecuado puede ser un desafío confuso. Con tantos productos en el mercado que dicen ofrecer muchos beneficios diferentes, el proceso pronto puede resultar abrumador.


Guía de comparación

Es importante elegir el auricular adecuado para los requisitos de su lugar de trabajo. Esto puede dificultar el proceso de decisión.



7 Degrees of Hearing Loss

Download this infographic to learn more about the 7 Degrees of Hearing Loss and recognize what stage you may be in. Taking a proactive approach to hearing loss will can either slow or stop completely further hearing damage.

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Noise Levels of Construction Equipment

More than half a million construction workers are exposed to potentially hazardous high noise levels, which hearing protection solutions need to be implemented in the construction industry. 

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Safety Guide

At Sensear, we get asked a lot of questions regarding noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it at work. This issue affects a diverse group of industries, and is very prevalent in mining, transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

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