What is the best way IT Admins can reduce stress?

The answer to both questions is ... Reducing white noise. 

For the majority of workers in a data center there is a critical requirement to communicate with colleagues and customers both within the data center environment and outside. Traditional hearing protection or noise-cancelling headsets restrict the workers ability to communicate, but there is a new solution that doesn't.

One critical component that data center staff at both WebMD & TimeWarner leverage to reduce stress in their data centers — as well as help their System Admins communicate is to reduce background noise using Sensear Smart Muffs.  These Bluetooth® headsets, powered by a groundbreaking new technology, elevate speech & suppress stressful background noise so data center administrators can communicate & protect their hearing.




Infographic: 7 Degrees of Hearing Loss

As many as 22 million workers are exposed to noise levels severe enough to cause hearing loss.  Anyone can experience hearing loss because of a medical condition or due to environmental factors, such as working in a high noise environment. Many are unaware of their compromised hearing and subsequently allow it to progress.



Headset Guide: Outlining the Features to Look for

Everyone has different needs and requirements, we understand that, so we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you identify the questions you should ask and the things you should look for when buying industrial communication headsets.



Data Center Stress: 7 Causes & 3 Ways to Reduce It

Working in a modern datacenter is a critical role within many organizations. Internal & external customer demands, coupled with the varied demands of the job (not just IT), & pressures combine to create a potentially stressful environment. In fact, according to a recent study, 79 percent of IT staff are actively considering leaving their current role due to job-related stress.