Smart Digital Headsets

Want to communicate in noisy environments via Bluetooth®, 2-Way Radio, Headset-to-Headset, or just Face-to-Face? Sensear has a solution for you! Let our innovative SENS® technology protect hearing and make team communication more efficient.

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Sensear's complete range of two way radio headsets and smart noise canceling bluetooth headsets are perfect for high noise communication.
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Oil & Gas
Sensear solves high noise communication problems for many of the world’s leading Oil and Gas and Petrochem companies through its ATEX, IECEx and CSA certified intrinsically safe headset.
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By developing and testing it's industrial communication headsets in a variety of mining applications, Sensear is able to offer a comprehensive range of headsets in ear muff and ear plug variants.
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Data Centers
Noise in a data center is an ongoing issue. As computing platforms have become more dense and require large and robust cooling fans, the ambient noise in this environment reaches dangerous levels.
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Machinery operation and maintenance in the shipping, rail and aviation industry are typically areas where noise inhibits communication and jeopardizes safety. Sensear industrial headsets provide a solution to those issues.
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