Machinery operation and maintenance in the shipping, rail and aviation industry are typically areas where noise inhibits communication and jeopardizes safety. Sensear industrial headsets provide a solution to those issues.

Sensear is solving high noise communication problems for many of the world’s leading transportation companies. With a comprehensive range of Smart Ear Muff and Smart Ear Plug products, Sensear is an industry leading high noise communication headset solution for many applications in above ground and below ground environments.

With Sensear, workers can now effectively communicate face-to-face, via Two-way Radios and Bluetooth Cell Phones while protecting their hearing and retaining situational awareness. This ensures workers are more productive and safer from accidents, even in potentially dangerous and hazardous environments.

Sensear’s Smart Ear Muff is powered by its groundbreaking SENS high noise communication technology which elevates speech and suppressed dangerous background noise so workers can hear speech and stay protected in high noise environments.

Check our Shipping Industry Case study or Railway industry Case Study and see how Sensear is being used across different transportation industries around the globe.